A tiny kitten grew up and found his forever family. Last year, a nine-week-old tuxedo kitten named Ceb came to Central Florida Foster Kittens for special care. Despite his age, he was incredibly small, about a quarter the size of his siblings.

Ceb faced stunted growth and health issues that had kept him underdeveloped. For the first two weeks in foster care, he struggled to grow because his body couldn’t absorb nutrients properly. The dedicated foster volunteer, Dannielle, worked tirelessly to find the right food and supplements for him.

Through tests, they discovered a severe GI infection that was at the root of his health problems. This little fighter continued to brighten everyone’s day with his affectionate personality.

After 36 days of medications, supplements, diet changes, and community support, Ceb finally reached a healthy weight. He won over the hearts of all he met, even Rae, a resident cat who wasn’t usually fond of fosters. Rae became Ceb’s nap buddy and surprised everyone with his affection.

An ultrasound revealed the cause of Ceb’s GI issues, chronic inflammation. With a tailored diet, he started to thrive. His coat grew shinier, his energy levels soared, and at five months old, he surpassed the 3.25-pound mark.

Despite his transformation, Ceb remained attached to Dannielle, following her everywhere. He became her constant companion and work “helper.”

After eight months of dedication, Dannielle knew that Ceb had found his forever home right there with her. Their bond was unbreakable, a testament to Ceb’s incredible journey from a tiny, tailless kitten to a loving and cherished companion.

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