A lively ginger cat named Mayhem is at Lollypop Farm in Fairport, New York, eagerly awaiting a forever home. Despite being abandoned and returned once, Mayhem is full of energy and charm.

Mayhem first came to Lollypop Farm in June after his owner abandoned him. Despite being put up for adoption, he was returned when his initial home didn’t suit him.

At two years old, Mayhem is energetic and playful. The shelter staff has created a space for him with toys and activities, making sure he stays entertained.

Mayhem has a vibrant personality and loves to play. His suite is equipped with cat toys, cardboard boxes, and climbing towers.

When staff members pass by his glass door, Mayhem invites them in by pawing at it. He seeks attention and enjoys spending time with people.

While he may not be the right fit for everyone, Mayhem is sure to find a home with a cat lover who appreciates his spirited nature.

Mayhem loves to play with cat toys, particularly those on a wand with a string. His playful antics make him endearing to everyone at Lollypop Farm.

The shelter staff takes turns playing with Mayhem, ensuring he feels loved. They believe that there’s someone out there looking for a cat just like him.

Mayhem may do well in a home with dogs, and he has shown playful interest in other cats. The shelter is determined to find him a perfect forever home.

The behavior and training team at Lollypop Farm is working with Mayhem, using positive reinforcement training. They aim to provide his new family with tips on keeping him happy and engaged.

As Mayhem waves at passersby through the glass door, the shelter is hopeful that he will find a home where he can indulge in playtime with cat toys.

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