A stray kitten wandered into an apartment in Northern California. A man, Adam Laigo, offered her some tuna, and she decided to become a part of his family.

While having friends over for a game night at his apartment a month ago, Adam’s roommates saw a little fluffy bundle trying to enter the door. As they spotted the kitten, Adam decided to find her.

“I couldn’t just let a stray kitten that came in, go back out, if I had the chance to help,” he said.

He located the kitten and enticed her with food. She followed him inside, hungry and curious. Once he provided food, she devoured it. The little calico quickly warmed up to him, earning the name Tuna.

Adam gave her a bath due to her flea problem and from that night, she became a regular resident of his bed, cuddling under the blankets with him.

After a visit to the vet for treatment of parasites, worms, and fleas, it became clear that Tuna didn’t have a microchip, and no one from the neighborhood claimed her. Adam knew she had found her forever home.

Tuna turned out to be an energetic and playful kitten. She loved climbing boxes turned into forts and playing fetch with catnip mice. After her daily adventures, she sought cuddles from her human dad.

Adam, who always wanted a pet, found an unexpected furry friend. A month later, they were inseparable, playing fetch, going on walks together, and cuddling every night.

“Goodbye to the stray kitten; now we have a joyful, carefree kitten with a loving family,” Adam shared with a smile.

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