Misty, a pregnant 3-year-old cat, found her way to the Nevada SPCA seeking a chance for a better life. Nursing a thigh wound, the dedicated staff at the Nevada SPCA provided her with the care she desperately needed. Kathy Stankiewicz, a devoted volunteer, stepped in to offer Misty a comfortable and nurturing home environment.

After a few days, Misty gave birth, but unfortunately, stress-related health issues led to the loss of her kittens, leaving her heartbroken despite her eventual recovery.

Around the same time, Kathy received news about a lone kitten found without a mother. She decided to take him in, hoping that Misty would accept this little furball into her life.

When Misty heard the kitten’s cries, she immediately perked up, approached him, and began grooming him. Kathy shared, “She readily accepted him as her own.”

Misty took the kitten, named Sunny, under her wing, displaying a protective and caring nature. Sunny’s presence revitalized her maternal instincts. “It took the kitten a while to latch on, but once he did, Misty hardly left his side during the first week.”

Misty meticulously nursed and cared for Sunny round the clock. “Sunny saw her as his true mom. It was love at first sight, an acceptance as if Misty gave birth to him. She eagerly embraced the opportunity to care for a kitten once more.”

With Mama Misty by his side, Sunny thrived, growing rapidly and emitting content purrs throughout the day.

Misty imparted essential feline skills to her beloved fur child, demonstrating how to eat and maintain hygiene. She was preparing him for a life of independence.

At one-month-old, Sunny officially weighed in at one pound and started eating from a dish on his own.

Misty, proud of Sunny’s progress, began taking some me-time to relax and unwind.

Having battled stress-related issues since the birth of her own litter, Misty found solace in caring for the orphaned kitten.

Now that Sunny is more independent, Mama Misty is ready to see him explore the world, seeking human companionship and a place to call his own.

To alleviate her stress, Misty has been spayed and is now ready to transition into a life free from motherhood, seeking a loving forever family.

Kathy expressed, “Misty is an incredibly affectionate cat who played the role of a wonderful surrogate mom to Sunny. Now, it’s her time to embrace life as the cherished princess she truly is.”

The tabby boy has adjusted remarkably and is growing into a playful, lively kitty. He has figured out how to navigate his playpen and use the litter box with ease, eagerly sharing his progress with his foster mom.

“I’m so proud of Sunny. He is getting more playful every day.”

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