Two kittens were discovered outside a building in Brooklyn, New York, braving the cold. Neighbors noticed them and reached out to Infinite Hope Animal Rescue for assistance.

A trap-neuter-return rescuer helped get them to safety. The vet later determined they had a chromosomal abnormality, similar to feline Down Syndrome. The orange kitten had entropion, a condition where the eyelid rolls inward against the eye. He was timid and sought comfort from his braver torbie sister.

The orange tabby underwent eye surgery to ease pain and infections, lovingly cared for by his foster mom, who never left his side during recovery.

Michelle Parson came across these siblings on Petfinder while mourning the loss of her 15-year-old cat, Buttons. Initially hesitant to adopt again, Michelle’s heart was won over by the kittens, leading her to name them “Auggie” and “Calliope.”

After bonding with them, Michelle decided to provide them with a loving home, welcoming them a week later. The kittens were initially shy and hid under a bed. Auggie and Calliope stuck together, gradually gaining confidence.

Over time, the duo flourished, growing more confident and playful. Auggie transformed from a timid kitten into a lively cat. They enjoyed watching birds from the window, playing with toys, and napping in the sun.

Even the resident dog, Dexter, adored them, sharing his beds. Auggie and Calliope tried to engage him in play, and they had their unique quirks, like Auggie’s penchant for sponges and Calliope’s silent judgments.

Calliope became a big sister to Auggie, always ready to comfort him. Their presence brought unexpected joy to Michelle’s life, and they basked in her love and care.

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