A stray cat approached a rescuer, guiding her to her three kittens in need of help.

In New South Wales, Australia, a family of four felines was found on the roadside last week. The cat mom, trying to protect and feed her kittens, was exhausted. A concerned person reached out to a local animal rescuer for assistance.

Although the cat was very friendly, she was in poor condition. She walked up to the rescuer, leading her to her kittens who all had eye infections and required medical attention.

CatRescue 901, a Terrey Hills rescue group, was alerted about the situation. They immediately took action to secure the kittens and their mom, ensuring they received necessary medical care.

“We’re committed to getting this family off the streets and providing them with urgent medical attention,” shared Jenny, founder of CatRescue 901.

Volunteers Natalie, Jo, and Rocio arranged and transported the kittens to safety despite challenging conditions. The kittens were malnourished and in dire need of care. They had a congenital condition known as eyelid agenesis, meaning they were born without eyelids.

Although there weren’t available foster volunteers at the time, Natalie stepped in to provide care and help turn their lives around.

After enduring the ordeal, the kittens were grateful for a safe home, warm shelter, and nourishing food. They were given medication to begin their healing process, while their mom, Elodie, stayed close, kneading and purring.

The kittens included two girls – Polara (white tortie) and Hirschy (dark tortie), along with one boy named Ignacio (grey and white).

Mama Elodie, who had dedicated herself to keeping her kittens safe, received much-needed rest after her challenging weeks. Her appetite returned after surgery to ensure her health.

The kittens will require corrective surgery to prevent blindness and ensure a healthy life.

“We specialize in eye issues and providing great care, and this family desperately needs that,” Jenny noted. Eye agenesis surgery is expensive and challenging for many.

Natalie is tirelessly working to nurse the kittens back to health, despite the sleepless nights and numerous vet trips. Her goal is to give this family a bright future they deserve.

With unconditional love, the kittens arrived at the rescue just in time. Their journey to recovery continues, but they are already enjoying their new indoor life. Mama Elodie is content, knowing her kittens are in good hands.

If you wish to support their surgery and medical needs, please see how you can help. Follow their progress on Facebook.

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