A young cat found as a stray in Rowan County, North Carolina, recently captured hearts at a local veterinary clinic. The kitty was brought in with a neck wound and an upper respiratory infection. Her Yoda-like ears made her stand out, and she quickly became a staff favorite at Cabarrus Animal Hospital, where she’s being treated.

Dr. Alisha Kidwell, DVM, is taking care of her, and she’s described as a sweet and affectionate kitty. Weighing about 6.5 pounds, she’s on the smaller side for an adult cat, and she’s missing her incisors, which gives her an adorable and unique look.

The Yoda cat has been quite a hit at the clinic. She’s been lovingly referred to as the “Yoda cat” because of her charming ears, which resemble those of Baby Yoda from “Star Wars.” She may be quiet and a bit shy, but she melts when you pet her. She’s a petite cuddle-bug and loves being carried around in hoodies, where she’ll peacefully fall asleep.

Though she doesn’t have an official name yet, the clinic staff adore her. She’s receiving excellent care at the animal hospital, where she’s well on her way to recovery.

The staff at the clinic are also using her story to highlight the importance of adopting cats from shelters and rescues. In the United States, there are approximately 70 million stray cats, and around four million cats end up in animal control facilities each year. The Yoda cat is one of the lucky ones who found help.

No longer worried about food and shelter, this adorable feline is now on her way to a brighter future. If you’re considering adopting a cat this holiday season, check with your local animal rescues and shelters. They often have wonderful cats in need of loving homes.

The Yoda cat’s journey is a heartwarming reminder of how rescue and adoption can change a cat’s life, and she’s sure to bring joy and love to her future forever family.

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