A little kitten who was found on the street was taken in by a rescuer and fosterer named Bella. The kitten was named Daniboi, and he was just skin and bones when Bella found him. He was covered in filth and grease, and he was very hungry.

Bella gave Daniboi some food and water, and she cleaned him up. The kitten wolfed down all the food that he could fit in his tummy. After he had eaten, Daniboi settled down to rest. Having endured a great deal, he was utterly exhausted.

When Daniboi was feeling better, Bella introduced him to the other kittens in her foster home. She thought that he would hang out with the two other kittens who were around his age, but Daniboi had other plans.

A few weeks before Daniboi’s arrival, Bella had taken in a pregnant cat who had been found abandoned outside. The cat later gave birth to a litter of four kittens in a warm nest. Daniboi heard the tiny squeaks coming from the nest, and he was intrigued. He decided that he wanted to be part of the family.

That night, Daniboi snuck into the nest and curled up with the baby kittens. The next morning, Bella woke up to find Daniboi sleeping in the middle of the purr pile. She was surprised, but she was also happy to see that Daniboi had found a new family.

Mama cat Yu-na didn’t mind the new addition to her litter. She welcomed Daniboi with a bath and some snuggles. Daniboi continued to sleep in the nest with the babies, and he even started to nurse on Mama Yu-na.

The other kittens in the foster home were a little jealous of Daniboi at first, but they soon warmed up to him. They all loved to play together, and they even started to imitate Daniboi’s older brother.

Daniboi was so happy to have a family to love on. He enjoyed being a big baby, and he continued to comfort-nurse on Mama Yu-na even at three months old.

When Daniboi was old enough to be adopted, he was placed in a wonderful home with a loving family. He loves watching TV with his humans and playing with his feline sister. He has blossomed into a happy, playful, cuddle-bug.

Daniboi’s story is a reminder that even the smallest kittens can find a loving home. If you are thinking about adopting a pet, please consider a rescue kitten. They will love you just as much as a kitten from a breeder.

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