Narnia captured our hearts back in 2018 as an adorable little furball, showcasing a truly extraordinary feature. With one side of his face gray and the other black, this blue-eyed boy immediately stood out. According to his owner, Stephanie Jiminez, she was taken aback when Narnia was born, stating, “I knew immediately that he was exceptional.” As time flew by, this charming feline grew into a heartthrob and, unsurprisingly, a proud father!

Recently, Narnia fathered two kittens, each inheriting their fur color from one side of his distinctive face. Meet Phoenix, with a stunning gray coat, and Prada, flaunting a beautiful black coat. These two siblings have undoubtedly inherited the best of their father’s striking looks. What a captivating marvel!

Bored Panda got in touch with Stephanie, Narnia’s owner, to learn more about how the famous feline is adapting to his new role as a father. Stephanie assured us that Narnia is doing exceptionally well and thoroughly enjoys playing with his adorable kittens.

Interestingly, this is not Narnia’s first experience as a parent, and it likely won’t be his last. Stephanie, a professional cat breeder, revealed that Narnia has already fathered several litters, resulting in kittens with various color variations. Alongside Prada and Phoenix, Narnia’s offspring include Orfée and Ozanna, delightful light brown twins, the pitch-black Roswell, the elegant gray Rose, and two incredibly handsome multicolored boys named Polaris and Phantom.

It’s evident that good looks run in the family when you see the remarkable appearance of Narnia’s kittens. While Prada and Phoenix bear a striking resemblance to their father’s split face, the other kittens have inherited Narnia’s captivating blue eyes. Stephanie shared that having fully colored fur and blue eyes is extremely rare among cats. She explained that this distinctive trait is the result of a new gene known as “ice.” Narnia’s progeny with their diverse coat colors and enchanting eyes are truly a sight to behold.

Excitingly, Stephanie also revealed that Narnia is expecting another litter soon, with the kittens expected to be born around June 29. This adorable feline, born in Paris but now residing in Britain, has fascinated many due to his unique appearance. Previous genetic testing confirmed that Narnia is not a rare chimera cat, as initially believed. As Stephanie disclosed in a previous interview, a geneticist conducted tests and determined that Narnia possesses only one DNA. This enigmatic aspect continues to puzzle the scientific community.

Stephanie Jimenez, Narnia’s devoted owner, has always been aware of her exceptional companion’s extraordinary qualities. From the moment Narnia entered the world, she knew there was something truly special about him. The bond between Stephanie and Narnia has grown stronger over the years, and their journey together continues to captivate the hearts of people worldwide.

With his unique split face, captivating blue eyes, and an ever-expanding feline family, Narnia remains an internet sensation. As the anticipation builds for his upcoming litter, the world eagerly awaits the arrival of Narnia’s adorable offspring, ready to be smitten by their undeniable charm.

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