A kind person found a stray cat curled up on the street. She called out to him, and he walked right up to her. This tabby cat had been roaming the streets of Brooklyn, New York, catching the attention of Gissell, a volunteer for NYCCC. She ventured to the location to provide him with food.

Upon arrival, she found the tabby resting in front of a homeless shelter. The cat, awakened by her voice, strolled over for affection, displaying extreme friendliness. Convinced that this sociable feline deserved better, Gissell initiated a rescue mission to relocate him to a foster home.

Returning with a humane trap and more sustenance, Gissell initially couldn’t locate the cat. However, upon calling out to him, he swiftly appeared, seemingly excited to reunite with a familiar face. With determination, Gissell conveyed, “I’m here to get you today. Today is your day. You have waited long enough,” marking the beginning of the tabby’s journey to safety.

Gissell enlisted the assistance of Little Wanderers NYC, a local rescue group, to further aid the cat’s welfare. Rescued from potential harsh conditions, the tabby, named Crookshanks, turned out to be a large, neutered boy. Swift action resolved his ear mites and flea issues, leaving him appreciative of the indoor comforts, evident through his loud purrs and kneading.

Estimated to be around six years old, Crookshanks quickly endeared himself to his foster family, showcasing a penchant for lap time. His confidence and elegance resemble that of a tiger, enjoying catnip, mealtime, and finding comfort on laps while receiving affection.

No longer a homeless cat braving Brooklyn’s streets, Crookshanks relishes in the comforts of a loving foster home, enjoying cat TV and kneading on fuzzy blankets. Little Wanderers NYC emphasizes that this charming tabby is now ready to find his forever home, where he can share his affectionate nature with a caring family. His heartwarming rescue journey is captured in a video, inviting potential adopters to consider making him a cherished member of their household.

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