A delightful cat and her four adorable kittens found their way to a foster home, each of them graced with a unique and rare brown coat.

In the preceding month, Laura Malone, who serves as a director at Mini Cat Town in San Jose, California, received a distress call about a family of felines in need of rescue. A mother cat and her quartet of kittens had been sheltered in the city.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about their origin. Laura, reflecting on the situation, remarked, “Judging by her weight and affable nature, it’s likely she was once cared for by a human, but her paw pads tell a different story, resembling those of a cat accustomed to the great outdoors.”

Without hesitation, Mini Cat Town extended their care to this feline family. Upon closer observation, they couldn’t help but notice the exquisite chocolate or cinnamon brown fur adorning all four kittens.

Laura excitedly described, “Among our brood, we have four little girls. Two sport a solid coat pattern, while the other two flaunt white socks and charming facial and chest markings.”

“Their noses and little toe beans exhibit a delicate pinkish brown hue, leading us to believe that they may not darken to the black hue of their mother but remain close to this lovely shade. If that’s indeed the case, they’ll be exceptionally unique!”

The chocolate or cinnamon brown coat in cats is indeed a rarity, stemming from a genetic mutation of the black color gene. As Laura noted, “Such felines are quite scarce, especially among shelter or rescue cats.”

The proud cat mom, Mars, boasts a stunning long-haired black coat. Initially, she seemed a bit wary of her new surroundings, but her disposition swiftly changed when she realized her kittens were safe and sound.

Laura shared an endearing anecdote, “On the first night, she growled at every sound and movement, maintaining unwavering eye contact, standing her ground defensively.”

“However, I soon realized that her vocal protests were merely her way of expressing fear and protective instincts over her kittens. In truth, she craved human interaction and affection.”

In time, Momma Mars warmed up to her foster family, permitting them to assist with her energetic brood (Hershey, Reese’s or Reese, Twix, and Baby Ruth). She even began to make biscuits (kneading) while prancing around and greeting her human companions.

“It’s simply adorable; she looks like she’s dancing,” Laura added.

Thanks to Mars’ unwavering attention and unconditional love, the kittens thrived. They were in excellent health, brimming with happiness, and becoming chonky little bundles of joy. With each passing day, they grew more playful and adventurous, testing their wobbly legs.

Laura gave us insight into their personalities, “Hershey has the most perfectly round head. Baby Ruth is the smallest with a slender face and almond-shaped eyes. Twix sports a charming little white chin. Reese boasts a white spot near her nose and has proven to be the most outgoing of the bunch, always the first to explore the world beyond the door.”

Mars transformed into a loveable, affectionate cat. Laura shared her strategy, “From the moment she arrived, I made it a point to say ‘hello Mama’ every time I opened the door, helping her grow accustomed to the sound of my voice.”

“Now, when I enter the room, her head pops up from her carrier, and she eagerly runs out to greet me. She follows me around, rubbing against my legs while I prepare her meals.”

“I can tell Mars is the type of mom who wishes her kittens would stay forever young, but these little ones are starting to venture out!”

The kittens are thriving under the care of their foster family, and their beautiful chocolate brown coats show no signs of fading. They’re growing bigger, stronger, and more mischievous as they enter their teenage phase.

The feline sisters are now spending more time outside their cozy nest, engaging in spirited play and the occasional wrestling match. Mama Mars remains a vigilant presence, keeping a watchful eye on her beloved offspring at every turn.

Whenever a kitten’s plaintive cry rings out, the attentive mother rushes to their side, gently grooming their faces and showering them with affection.

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